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ITS OFFICIALLY 16 DAYS TILL KCON NY AND IM FLIPPING A SHIT! The shock is real!! Comment below if you're going, who you're looking forward to seeing, and any KCON tips! Also, what time do you guys think you will be arriving??
I'm going too~ I just have to give my money to my friend. I'm so excited 馃槃
The earlier you arrive the better. What was that saying early bird get the worms? Something along the lines
I want to go.....
@tayyylorx P2 IS $175 before fees lol I'm working so hard to make money for this but it might be awhile. I'm worried.....then the whole Big Bang ticket thing is a bust so I have to try and save for that too
@rochellediamond omg yeah tell me about being broke P1 tickets were said to be $220 and i was like okay okay thats not too steep and then we bought the tickets and there was the tax, ticket handling, and shipping etc. and i almost died. The grand total ended up being $268 TT_TT
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