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Shout out to @danidee for challenging us to write about our hometown and what makes it weird. I was born and raised in Asheville, NC, which is located in the lovely Blue Ridge Mountains and it's really close to the Appalachian Trail. Here are some of the things that makes my hometown weird and awesome at the same time!

This is totally normal in Asheville.

This guy is actually pretty famous in Asheville for riding around in a nun outfit on a really tall bicycle. Asheville is known for its really, really, really weird people. One of my favorite activities and to just go downtown and watch people because you never know what you are going to see.

The largest private home in America is located in Asheville.

Yep, no joke. This is the Biltmore Estate, which was the summer home of the Vanderbilt family (the hugely rich and famous family who built all of those railroads). This massive place is located about five minutes from my house and it's absolutely stunning inside.

Obama visits Asheville a lot.

He has come here many times in the past few years and there are a ton of rumors that he is buying a house here to live in after he isn't president anymore. This pictures is of him eating at 12 Bones, an amazing barbecue restaurant in Asheville.

We love our beer in Asheville.

We were even name Beer City USA (no, I didn't know that title existed either before Asheville won it). Craft beer is a religion in Asheville and there are a ton of great breweries that make amazing beer from local ingredients.

We have a drum circle every Friday night in Asheville.

This is one of the coolest things to do and see in Asheville. Every Friday (when it's warm enough), tons of people gather downtown to drum and hang out together. Lots of rhythms and dancing is involved.

Part of the Hunger Games was filmed around Asheville.

All of those green, forest scenes from the first film... yep, those were filmed in the areas surrounding Asheville. All of the stars stayed in Asheville during the filming and lot of the extras in the first movie were Ashevillians (including some of my friends).

It's an amazing place and I'm so happy to call Asheville home.

@danidee haha no the family doesn't live there anymore. They opened it up for tourism but they still own all of it and there are parts of it that are closed to the public, so they might have slumber parties in there from time to time.
That's really awesome. It's giving me crazy Downton Abbey vibes lol.
so kool! I'd come for the weirdness!
I'm always really intrigued by the difference in community from region to region, so seeing things like the drum circle and the shot of downtown was so rad. As for the Biltmore Estate.. does anyone actually live there still?! I hate how my instant reaction was 'Omg, Anderson Cooper's family.' lol
That's a lively looking city :) I wanna see that mansion