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A lot of us have talked about how beautiful and elegant some of the designs of high fashion look. Just seeing the models walk the run way and show off some of the brilliant works of the artists that pour their sweat and tears into their creations is such a magical moment. But wait!. . . .in order to pull of such fabulous designs it needs a host, a body that gives off radiance, and confidence so that the world can truly see what the artist truly intended for their work to manefest. The designs need models! Models like the lovely Ania Chanelle.
Ania has more than four years of experience in the Fashion field. Working on the runway, as well as behind the camera with editorial and Comercial. You may ask yourself "How do I know all of this?" Easy . . .I know her. Ania started off at Starbucks (which she still does part time) and kept her dream alive and running in Houston Texas. One of her many lines of works happens to be Fashion Phuckery which you can watch in the video above. But sadly (for me anyway) and happily Ania moved to Okland California were her dreams of being a professional truly take flight!
Ania grew splendidly, and became well known for her professionalism and positive attitude towards modeling. Treating every moment as a blessing and an honor to do what she does. She's also been featured in a few magazine and had the pleasure of walking in the Queer 2015 Fashion Week.
For more information about the lovely Ania Chanelle. You can visit her Facebook :
Or follow her on instagram! I hope you've all enjoyed getting to know at least a little about High Fashion from a model perspective!