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Hey guys!!! I absolutely love Running Man (watched every single episode so far) and I wanted to talk to more RM fans on Vingle!
So tell me who your favorite Running Man member is and why! If that's too hard, you can pick multiple members! ^_^

Grasshopper Yoo Jae Suk?

Ace Song Ji Hyo?


Traitor Kwang Soo?

Peaceful Gary?


Big Nose Hyung?

So, who is your favorite? Or favorites?

I want to say I can't pick a favorite but if I absolutely had to pick, it would be our Ace, Mongji and the betraying giraffe, Kwangsoo!
Also, posting this in the K-pop community to find more Running Man fans! ^_^
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하 하 all the way! His voice just cracks me up specially when he's excited.
Ace Jihyo^^ Love her:)
HaHa and Kwangsoo! Traitors forever.
So hard to pick!! Hmm Giraffe and HaHa are my favorite dorks. <3 For sure. You just never know what they'll say or do. And I love that. They're so adorkable. But how can you not love them all really?? Gary is so sweet and plays his shy card. Kook. Just look at him. So rawr! Ace brings the girl power. I love it when she makes these men look silly and slow. And let's be real. She does it more often than they'd like to admit. The mighty Grasshopper. He speaks, I laugh. Then he gets behind the wheel of car and he's a BEAST!! His eyes turn to lasers and I'm like, "dayum, Boss!" And Big Nose Hyung- just like the Grasshopper, he speaks, I laugh. These people are just the best at what they do: making me laugh ;) No really. How could anyone not love Running Man?!
@ButterflyBlu I think everyone loves Running Man! :D