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League of Legends news:

It has been discovered that Professional LCS player Yu "XiaoWeiXiao" Xian has been playing on other user's accounts in order to rank them up- for money.

This practice is called elo-boosting, and it goes against the terms of the contract that XiaoWeiXiao signed when he became a professional player of the LCS. (League Championship Series) XiaWeiXiao has had his account suspended by Riot, the organization that owns and manages League of Legends and the LCS. XiaoWeiXiao plays for Team Impulse, and so far none of the other members of the team, or the team's manager, have come forward with an admission of guilt or wrongdoing. As the investigation is conducted, XiaoWeiXiao will be removed from LCS play. It is expected that Team Impulse will suffer from his loss. Which is great for me! Because my fantasy LCS matchup this week is against someone with XiaoWeiXiao on her team. Sweet.
@christianmordi well I'm sure that he just wanted some extra cash on the side. reportedly he was gonna get 1,400 for the boosting. Still though, with the salary and the competition prizes, he should be more than good. greed is hard to account for, though.
wow, didn't know that people were shadowing on other peoples accounts. I'm sure this she gets paid a nice bit of cash in his sponsorship, why would she risk it all on side money?