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His mini album, which consists of three songs, has been heavily scrutinised by EXO-L (EXO’s fans), who have discovered that some of his lyrics are indirectly criticising EXO and label S.M. Entertainment. Title track ‘T.A.O’ opens with “I trust my determination; I trust my choice. I discovered my freedomat the moment I left; I know the reason why I’m walking out alone”. Other lyrics that netizens found issue with include a line that goes “The time that I’ve wasted; the life that can’t be brought back; the memories of the past – I don’t want to think about it any longer. One love? Where is it? I tried to find it but found nothing.” Fans found the last line troubling due to EXO’s trademark greeting, “EXO; we are one!” with them questioning if he was referring to the group in his song.
Music is about expression, if you are an artist, everything you feels comes out into a song or a rap. And for TAO after he left it was a huge mess, everyone asking why? fans turning their backs on him.... Angry, Sadness, and love the three tracks on his comeback .... just let him be.... read more >here<
his lyrics makes me question other exo members behavior towards during the whole situation it seems as if he was really hurttttt ! i need to check out his album i like how he is confident and loving his freedom way to go TAO .
His music is amazing and I will always be a fan. People just need to stop being bitches and leave him alone.
he is amazing. fuck all the haterz. no one knows what really goes on in exo... variety shows may be fake, idk. i cried when I listened to his album and love it. he is finally free but the memories remain. things may not have been unicorn and rainbows as their show presented
I'm More Than Sick And Tired Of Those Ceazy, Lazy, Ignorant, Delicate Netizens!!! They Need A Freaking Life!! Like For Real!!! They Are Just Heaters !! They Want To Represent Everything In Their Way!! I Support Tao 100% Not Just As A Fan But As A Musician. It's Really Hard To Express Feeling In Such A Way That No Matter What At The End Somebody Is Going To Criticize The Work !!! He Should Think About Sue Every Person Thet Wants To Ruin His Image Just Because Some Lyrics He Wrote, Just Saying 😐
I am a fan of Tao not of EXO so where panda goes I will always follow his journey.
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