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His mini album, which consists of three songs, has been heavily scrutinised by EXO-L (EXO’s fans), who have discovered that some of his lyrics are indirectly criticising EXO and label S.M. Entertainment. Title track ‘T.A.O’ opens with “I trust my determination; I trust my choice. I discovered my freedomat the moment I left; I know the reason why I’m walking out alone”. Other lyrics that netizens found issue with include a line that goes “The time that I’ve wasted; the life that can’t be brought back; the memories of the past – I don’t want to think about it any longer. One love? Where is it? I tried to find it but found nothing.” Fans found the last line troubling due to EXO’s trademark greeting, “EXO; we are one!” with them questioning if he was referring to the group in his song.
Music is about expression, if you are an artist, everything you feels comes out into a song or a rap. And for TAO after he left it was a huge mess, everyone asking why? fans turning their backs on him.... Angry, Sadness, and love the three tracks on his comeback .... just let him be.... read more >here<
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Thank you Tao was not happy , he wasn't able to express himself and he wasn't treated fairly, which many people cant seem to understand everything isn't always as peachy as it seems, therefore he left , if you truly love the group that means your supposed to love and support them all no matter what , its not like tao murdered someone so why not be happy that he is actually doing what he loves and making the music he wants to make , Which I must say is amazing all of his songs , his MV's you can tell he poured his heart in soul into his work and I hate that a lot of people criticize him. My love is happy so I am happy and i will keep supporting him no matter what
Maybe he is relieved to finally be able to express how he feels...as fans we should be supportive always.
I'll still love sassy Tao no matter what.
Haters gonna hate.
poor Tao he will always be my fav exo members along side d.o and Chan