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It has been already an year since this drama played! I love all these guys bonding together <3 You guy# shoul$ watch this drama!
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If they gave Oscars to Kdramas this would have been a winner in my opinion. The soundtrack, storyline, and cast members are amazing. Jo In Sung...wow...WOW! I love to see how they are all still hanging out. I play the soundtrack at 3 to 4 times a week. I'm actually looking for a valid reason to watch it all over. I really want someone else to like it with, but I think I'll watch again by myself soon.
ill watch it again any day @CandaceJordan
@VeronicaArtino Cool! Maybe we can ne re-watch buddies. I just started watching Nice Guy/Innocent Man because I wanted to see more of Song Joong Ki after recently finishing SungKyunKwan School Scandal. So maybe sometime in the near future we can watch IOIL all over again and post about our original feels vs re-watch feels. lol
I am actually currently watching this drama for the first time (it's taking me a little while since my mom wandered in and is now obsessed so I have to wait for her) but it is so good! I love In Sung and he's perfect in this drama. Pulls all my heart strings.
@baileykayleen In Sung is sooooo beyond captivating.