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Oh the feels! 😢
TOP is now my number 1 guy! This is what being an idol is...encouraging your fans just like the rans encourage the idol. KPOP Ilove you so much for bringing me wonderful idols and wonderful fans in my life. We are beautiful the way we are. It does not matter how we look but instead how we feel about ourselves! ❤✊
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yay! thats what I did too! @VeronicaArtino
2 years ago·Reply
Awe, my hearts melting...
2 years ago·Reply
I think all our hearts melted @AmandaHume
2 years ago·Reply
And this is why I still have hope in humanity. There are still diamonds out there that will help change the world for the better!
2 years ago·Reply
So sweet
2 years ago·Reply