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TBT: Who remembers this song?
If you haven't heard it make sure to listen in because you might like it.
If you are a fan of Super Junior please leave your favorite song by them in the comments and be sure to check it out :)
"Oh I dont care what anyone says No matter who curse at me, I'll only look at youIf i am born again, it will still be only you Tik-tak - Even as time goes by Oh when i tell you i love you thousands of time Even if my heart is on fire and as my lips dry If i am born again, it will still be only you"
i love this song and I love super junior I am huge fan of Superjunior my favorite songs from suju are sexy free single , sorry sorry, walking to the day and this song as well I love suju and I am such a proud ELF .:)
OMG one of my first kpop songs love it! ❤️ them.