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Somebody needs to tell Google that nobody likes a tattletale after the 'street view' feature of their map application busted a man smoking after he'd told his wife that he quit.
Donald Ryding of Merseyside, U.K promised his wife that he would kick the habit and improve his lifestyle after suffering from a minor heart attack, but when you pull up his address on Google, it seems that:
His wife, Julie, was already suspicious as he continued to come in and out of the house. Hearing that the Street View car had been to her street that week, Julie went online and found an image of him smoking in their driveway!

"I couldn't believe it - there was no denying it now we'd seen him smoking. When Street View first launched, they didn't blur out faces, but there was no need to with him - he was covered by a cloud of smoke anyway. You can't believe the trouble he caused that day. He still smokes, but he has cut down."

The moral of the story is don't smoke. Or maybe just don't lie to your wife. That'd be a good start.
how about don't smoke and don't lie. that would be the best option here lol
its fun to see stuff like that, its like a moment frozen in time...(said as if in deep thought)
Hahhahaha if you google my aunt's house, she's out in the yard doing some gardening. It's really kind of cute actually lol.
me and my coworkers come up on Google maps. but we're parked in front of one of the guys house lol shh its a secret :)
@jokes LOL true true
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