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So i was watching a Korean drama a long while ago on Netflix and trying to watch it again. The problem is i can't remember the name of the drama. I would greatly appreciate help. The basic storyline is about a romance between a warrior from the past and a doctor from the present time. The warrior takes the doctor back to his time to help out a princess that his lord is marrying. Or something along those lines. Again any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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@loftonc16 I think Netflix has it as The Great Doctor. Try that title if you can't find it on Netflix.
Yeah it looks like they pulled it. I just checked via my phone. @loftonc16
@CandaceJordan Aww that sucks. I will look online for it then. Thanks for the heads up.
@loftonc16 Yeah. Its sucks when Netflix pulls a favorite. Hulu and Drama Fever have it for sure as Faith. Not sure about youtube. Let us know how you like it.
I think it's similar to the storyline of "Faith"