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What I mean is I follow a good number of groups but their are some I just haven't fully looked into yet.

This is where you come in!

Tell me who I should get into next! I have more people to ruin my life, you have someone else to fangirl with, and they get a new stalker! Everybody wins! Right!?!
Okay so let me list the people I already stalk! SHINee BigBang FTisland BTS Got7 History DMTN Shinhwa EXO Red Velvet F(x) Now those are just ones I know a lot about and could pick out of a crowd haha I do know a little bit about a lot of other groups but I want reasons to look into them fully

So come on and win me over with your favorite group!

This could be old groups, rookies, sub units, boys, girls, traps! What ever you love make me love it too! *bonus points if you make a card about them as to sway me with pretty pictures!*
Cross Gene, there all amazing!! Also you might want to look into Infinite, BAP, B.I.G, BIGFLO, U-Kiss, Teen Top and A6P. A6P just debuted last month I think and there pretty amazing!
Infinite. They can all sing (even the rappers), some of the members have pretty unique voices, their dancing is pretty much always on point
BEASTTTTTTTTT with their comeback right around the corner this is a perfect time to get to know them better 😄😀😄
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