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I'm writing about my adopted hometown, Laredo, texas
Most Texans learn that six different flags were flown, but Laredo has the distinction of having a seventh, the flag of La Republica del Rio Grande (January 17 to November 6, 1840) Laredo was its capital. Almost a whole year :)
It doesn't rain much here so the concept of not driving through large areas of water during and after a rain is kind of ignored. My coworkers and I try and keep flooding to a minimum.
Laredo has a small but beautiful old style downtown and it has...bats.
If your new to Laredo and asks you if you want a mariachi for breakfast, this is what you might think...
...but this is what they mean...yes, these are also called mariachis. Go figure lol.
That's all i got, hope y'all enjoy and remember, don't mess with Texas lol.
Before now, I had never heard of Laredo, TX. I wish there was a way to improve the water park. We don't even have one in my township where I live. It's just two olympic pools. Pretty boring.
@marshalledgar wow that's bad lol the traffic here ain't too bad, but we got a lot of Mexican drivers here and they have a different mindset when it comes to driving
bwahhaa i love this. this sounds like the kind of place i need to live at!!!!
@danidee I know, when I first got here I thought they literally inviting mariachis to eat with us. I was eating and asked where they were and the guy just said real cool in "your mouth". I thought he was being rude lol
OMG I LOVE THIS. You wrote captions on all the pictures. I was dying the entire time. I had no idea that a mariachi could be a food too. I just knew of huaraches!!
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