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I'm writing about my adopted hometown, Laredo, texas
Most Texans learn that six different flags were flown, but Laredo has the distinction of having a seventh, the flag of La Republica del Rio Grande (January 17 to November 6, 1840) Laredo was its capital. Almost a whole year :)
It doesn't rain much here so the concept of not driving through large areas of water during and after a rain is kind of ignored. My coworkers and I try and keep flooding to a minimum.
Laredo has a small but beautiful old style downtown and it has...bats.
If your new to Laredo and asks you if you want a mariachi for breakfast, this is what you might think...
...but this is what they mean...yes, these are also called mariachis. Go figure lol.
That's all i got, hope y'all enjoy and remember, don't mess with Texas lol.
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lol, it flood like every 5 years. Its not like it happens every time it rains.
@buddyesd it's gonna take a while because there's so much think about and compress. I'm doing it in mind now as I type this...
@FrancesEscalant here its mostly certain neighborhoods that take time to drain but yea the really bad floods are pretty spread out :) @TerrecaRiley alright :):):)
@buddyesd I honestly can't believe you did this card. I wasn't born here, but all my childhood memories have been from Laredo. No one ever talks about Laredo, or even knows it exists to begin with. Just seeing the name of the city on a card caught me by surprise, and it was a nice surprise indeed ^-^
@thecasualnoodle I'm glad you liked it :)