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Now when I see you all I see is a stranger who hurt me horribly.
Going back to an old one she said i was no good at. I write more than anything but sometimes ill play my trumpet or flute or watch tv but its mostly talking to the girl thats been helping so much
i know exactly what you mean like right now im waiting for someone and ive never done that before i always jumped in and i realized i could never wait for my ex they werent worth it
It was at first but i had someone special keep me going and whenever i feel bad about my ex i think of them instead
ill definitely check it out thats how i sometimes write if not always haha
That's good. Forget the haters. I write a lot too, it's so amazing for helping deal with negative emotions. I feel like you might like @paulisaverage's cards, he writes about a lot of cool but really real stuff
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