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The trick for making the best Lime Ricky Floats is in the preparation of the raspberries. Sure, you could buy something from a squeeze bottle next to chocolate syrup in the grocery store, but that's just CHEATING! Plus, it won't taste as awesome when you diy-it. Trust me, it's so worth it!
Fresh (homemade) Raspberry Syrup
Lime sherbet
Lemon-Lime Soda
Whipped Cream
Fresh raspberries and lime slices for garnish
Fabulous swizzle straws (a definite must-have!)
First things first. Make the raspberry syrup:
12 oz fresh raspberries (keep some on the side for garnish later)
3/4 cup water
3/4 cup sugar
Make it:
1. Dissolve sugar in water on the stove and add raspberries bring to a boil, then simmer.
2. Stir for about 5-7 minutes.
3. Blend completely smooth in a food processor or blender.
4. Strain through fine wire mesh to eliminate seeds and pulp from entering the sauce.
5. Refrigerate a couple hours at least before using.
***While the sauce is in the fridge setting up, this is a fine time to do some other fun DIY projects like making homemade guacamole (using Chipotle's recipe) and my secret trick for KEEPING THE GUAC FROM TURNING GREEN! Be sure to click here to find out how!
Lime Ricky Floats (and another float for that matter) are best served in tall retro malt glasses with pedestals. You know what I'm talking about? It's your classic 50s diner glassware that comes in clear, mint and champagne pink.
Assemble your Lime Ricky Float:

1. Scoop lime sherbet into glassware to the top.

2. Drizzle about 2 tablespoons worth of raspberry sauce over sherbet.

3. Pour lemon soda carefully without overflowing. Leave some room for the whipped cream on top!!

4. Top with a heaping mound of whipped cream and DON'T FORGET THE RASPBERRY ON TOP!

OMG! You know you want some!
The best part about Vingle is that I don't need a shopping list anymore. I just open the app and find everything I need. And when someone stops me to inquire about it, they can download the app and fill their shopping cart with whatever Vingle recipes and DIY projects they like! Be sure to follow my collections by clicking here!
@Gavriella I was thinking the same thing!!! lol I shared a few cards on making alcohol infused whipped cream. that's a start...
This looks beyond delicious! I'm trying to figure out if there would be a good way to spike it ;)
@Gavriella @marshalledgar LOL we are so on the same page right now!! I know a Gin Rickey is a thing... how'd gin taste with this mash up? Btw looks super delicious, @DaniaChicago! :D I share your love of Vingle as my latest and greatest shopping list haha.
thanks, @marshalledgar, I'll check those out! I'm sure it couldn't hurt to top this with them