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I'm going to start this off easy (I'm literally going to just go down my YouTube playlist and give you my favorite groups that wasn't on your card @VixenViVi ). Here is Super Junior; Super Junior is a fairly large group and they ended up with sub groups (Super Junior M and Super Junior Happy) You may have seen their new MV, Devil, floating around. If you haven't seen it, I suggest you watch it!
Here is one of my favorite Super Junior songs, it's older (I bet all of the MVs I'll post will be older, sorry!) :-) Spy, Sexy Free and Single, and Swing are other really great Super Junior songs!
Next will be broken into three. This is TVXQ (before they split into two groups). They later split into two groups, two staying in TVXQ and three forming a separate group called JYJ.
This is my favorite song by TVXQ when they have all five members. Mirotic is another really good one as well! (I always get this song stuck in my head when someone calls me and end up having the wrong number lmfao)
Here is part 2 of TVXQ! After the split, these two are the only ones making up the group. But don't think the group is no longer any good, they still sound amazing and have some really great MVs!
Here is my favorite TVXQ song with just the two of them. :-) I love the sound and the MV is just. Amazing.
TVXQ part 3! Here are the other members, forming the group JYJ. Jaejoon, though.. gaahhhh *dies* (he's the middle hottie) ;-)
One of my favorite JYJ songs :-)
BONUS!! Here's a Jaejoong song as a solo artist!! xD This man is just too sexy. <3
Can you believe we're only on number 3/28 of my suggestions? This may take a while... Here we have BTOB :-)
Watch this MV and fall in love, my friend. They are very good looking, but I just LOVE the theme with this MV. But I really like the dark look xD
Look at these guys. LOOK AT THEM!! How is your heart doing with all of this eye candy BTW? Here we have U-Kiss!! Their name is actually an acronym for Ubiquitous Korean International Idol Super Star but.. I like U-Kiss better. As in.. You. Kiss. Me. NOW.
I had a really hard time choosing between this song, Neverland, Stop Girl, Believe, and 0330. xD Lots of good songs..
I'll end this card with BEAST.
Breathe is a VERY good Beast song and I really like the MV as well. I had a hard time with them too, I really wanted to post Shadow, Shock, Fiction, Mystery.. ugh so many good songs... You should definitely explore them!
BONUS!! Flower by Yong Junhyung (a member of Beast)! I LOVE the weirdness of this MV! And the song is really good as well xD
Now I must go adult and make dinner hahhaha I will post 6-28 once I'm done!! What do you think so far? It only gets BETTER! xD @VixenViVi
@jiggzy19, aahhhhh I didn't know that lol that could be it :-)
@ErinGregory yeah I think it might have something to do with how much time they spend in Japan promoting and stuff like that! :)
@jiggzy19, yes!! I love U-Kiss, I really don't hear much about them which is such a shame, they're such a great group!!
U-KISS is just amazing! Love them to bits!
@princessfranki, this is part one of my K-Pop suggestion list.
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