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Tablo: Throughout the entire time (3 years) it took to resolve the controversy, [Hye Jung, Tablo’s wife] never once made it seem like she was experiencing any hardships. Host: Even though it was probably really difficult for her. Tablo: Yes, it was probably even more difficult for her than for me. Much more difficult. But she always said, “It’s okay, it’s okay.” But, we did have one conflict. We were eating together, and because I always had this troubled look on my face, the atmosphere while we were eating wasn’t very good. Suddenly, Hye Jung-ie slammed her spoon on the table. “Hurry up and cry. Just hurry up and cry. Cry as much as you want,” she said. And at those words, I really cried. She told me to just cry it all out now and put an end to all of it. She told me, “You’re not someone who can’t beat this. You’re stronger than this.” So, like a child, I cried and cried. Host: Did she not cry with you? Tablo: She didn’t cry then, but when the whole controversy was resolved, one day, I asked her, “It was hard, wasn’t it?” And then she started crying really hard. She had held it all in. Even though she’d been wanting to cry, she thought it would, as a result, make me weaker.
Beautiful. I love them.
I love Tablo and his wife like they're relationship is so sweet and lovely
People didn't believe that Tablo graduated from Stanford (which he did) and we all know how hard core knetz can be when they believe something to be fraudulent and that's what they thought about his diploma, that it was fake. Although it wasn't people still didn't believe it and for a while his carrer was destroyed. But through everything Kang Hye Jung stayed by his side and was a supportive presence throughout the whole ordeal.
This really touched me
Tablo is one wonderful artist and a great husband and dad. He's a role model!
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