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Reasons to love 2NE1
Here are a couple reasons to love these 4 amazing ladies. @VixenViVi
For starts, they are very fashionable. They are trendsetters.
They're very uplighting and power girl influenced.
They're very beautiful.
They're extremely silly.
They look like dolls.
They work very hard at what they do. And they out their all into performances.
They make songs about everything. They know our struggles.
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I add why I love 2ne1, they speak different language, and they really nice inside and out. They are very humble :-)
@KatieWarren I have listen to Come back home and I really love that song, I'll listen to more. Also I love the mother of this country gif >.<
FIRST GIRL GROUP I WENT TOTALLY CRAZZZYYYY FOR <3 i am not really picking on them all particularly but in kpop all girl group follow the same pattern and does almost the same thing not that I don't like it but thats how it is and what I noticed on the other hand 2ne1 does their own thing and RULEEEE !!!! they are the queens in the KPOP world another reason to love them and yes I am totally hyped and excited for their comeback .:)