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Okay, it's not new that man buns is taking over the world. The hipster looking hairstyle has made its way on top of high profile celeb and street trendsetter heads. So, who wore it better?

Harry Styles

Most definitely the youngest from this list. Young life. Young vibe.

Brad Pitt

Can't believe he's 51. Still looking good.

Chirs Hemsworth

It's Thor and his polished man bun.

David Beckham

He used to rock this slick, low bun when he was a seasoned pro.

Jake Gyllenhaal

He shaved off his hair in 2011 and sported a man bun in 2013. Proof, he can make it work either way.

Jared Leto

Oscar winning actor wearing a suit & tie, well-trimmed beard and an ombre mane.

Orlando Bloom

Look who's blooming? He pull-together finished looks is one of the best on the list.

Leonardo Dicaprio

There are a lots of mix motion seeing Leo with a man bun. His beard needs to go.

Bradley Cooper

And his teeny tiny bun that looks more like a top knot. He tried and it's actually pretty cool.

Lastly but not least, who can beat this cutie pie?

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Harry style!!!! <3