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This is one of those OMG! TOO CUTE! projects that is as much fun to create as watching cats go crazy over. Don't just simply like and clip--You really need to make these! And get super creative--making even more than what you see here. Use your imagination and have a ball!
Depending on what you're going to make you will need:
Felt sheets
Embroidery floss (thread)
Embroidery needle
Dried catnip
There really is no "pattern" for this project since it's completely eyeballed. For some that is a major blessing. (Love stuff like that!) For others, however, that can be quite problematic. Don't fret. If you were to take a screen shot of this page and print it out, you could use that as a template.
Part of the charm of these catnip treats is the detailing. So, if you make a donut, dont' skimp on the 'icing and sprinkles.' If you are making a taco, don't forget cheese and sour cream. JUST HAVE FUN AND BE CREATIVE.
Don't use fabric glue to attach the pieces of felt. Use the embroidery thread. Most importantly, don't forget to stuff the fabric toys with catnip. Stitch it up and let your cats FEAST!
I swear that hot dog treat is CUTENESS OVERLOAD! Gotta do this! For more pet projects click here.
Awesome! Bass guitars!
@JonPatrickHyde you gotta try this, but make felt guitars instead!!
no! thanks for sharing this with me. these are awesome!
Love these. @jonpatrickhyde did you see this card?