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This goes out to all pepper lovers out there!! I remember when I was younger and used to visit the homes of some friends and relatives who would have bottles of pickled peppers, onions and carrots. It always looked beautiful to me and I swore I'd make it when I got older. My mother on law has given us two bottles of pickled peppers so far and I enjoyed it to the maximum (unlike my husband). My husband kept telling me to be careful and don't eat so much of it but I can't resist pepper. It gives me a strange satisfaction. I love peppers and I love pickled peppers and because the place is so hot, things spoil easily. Plus we don't have a fridge yet so I pickled the peppers so I could have it any time (yum!). This is a bottle of my own creation. Not pretty I know but it does its job. First I bought the cheapest bottle of vinegar and the cheapest bag of hot peppers and put that together. A few days later I made sure to buy the carrots and added them. I took some of the carrot out the same night to have it with dinner, not believing that it would have absorbed the vinegar so quickly, and even though my husband warned me that it would. Boy, was I in for a surprise!! A lovely surprise at that! Btw,I ate all the carrots. I'm gonna add more soon. Let me see all the pepper lovers out there!
@rodiziketan yes... and let me see when you do pls
yes it does. it also adds flavor
wow, I guess we really do learn something new each day. :) I will have to try this.
interesting.. does the vinegar help preserve the peppers?