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Here is a link to Talk To Me In Korean and their fantastic way of learning Korean through music, more importantly K-Pop! Yay for TTMIK! It is a great way to learn Korean and it is free. Below is an example of what they have in their site. I have also attached the MV for enjoyment.   For example: 너무 [neo-mu] = a lot; too (much); very – often used for emphasis 멋지다 [meot-ji-da] = to be cool; to be wonderful; to be full of beauty 눈 [nun]= eye 부시다 [bu-shi-da]= to be dazzling; to be glaring; to be blinding; to be radiant
@ygvip21 I can't find the link
@jluma21 click where it says "from www.talktomeinkorean.com". it is right under the image
Oh ok thank you 😊