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I admit that I am not an exol and i may not know the whole situation in specific details. BUT im a member in this huge korean community site called Instiz. where fans of all sorts come together. and what i've felt from reading numerous official articles and fan written posts -along with its usual 2000 comments- about Tao is that.. despite how SM is ASSUMED to treat its idols... Tao has disappointed a lot of fans. Even I am angered by his actions. Why?
first. he lied about why he "has" to leave Exo. He told his fans that he decided to leave because his leg condition disabled him from continuing to perform as a member of the group. Above is a captures image from his chinese commericial. it shows him JUMPING FENCES. "so much for permanant leg injury" says one fan
Second, the hatred and disapproval he showed toward the former members. His ig post expressed the feeling of betrayal he had felt from memebers leaving the group. He ends it with "Let's love, Exo" "Pure hyprocrisy." says one comment
Third, he gave false hopes and pretended to care about exo. About 3 months ago when the rumour - that Tao will also leave Exo - began to emerge, he uploaded this post telling his fans "I am grateful for anyone who believes in me and I love you all" He assured exol that a rumour was just a rumour and that he would never leave Exo.
YET he put up his car for sale in early April. A perfectly functioning car that he rode, even in late March, suddenly showed up on a used-car sales site. He had already been planning to leave Korea.
After leaving Exo, saying that he can't continue his career as an Idol due to his leg problem, He "comes back" as a solo singer in China. And expressed in his interviews that it truly is his "dream come true" "What about exo? What was Exo to you? What were we to you? Just a tool to make THIS dream come true?" comments an exol under the translated article of his interview.
Translated lyric (from chinese to english) from his mini album T.A.O He posted on his weibo "The lyrics are what I've wanted to say" regarding the songs and have stated that it is pointed toward his fans. The time I have wasted -> his years as a member of exo The memories of the past -> when he was an idol in korea One love -> refers to the popular Exol phrase "We are One" He summarizes his past with Exo as a WASTE OF TIME
Translate: It's painful and angering right? We will hug you and we will console you so believe in us and lets see and say only good things from now on You guys remember what I've said right? I won't make you guys worry :) Meanwhile, Chanyeol's ig post seems to be acknowledging the situation and implying that Tao has betrayed them.
@poojas I completely agree. Sometimes fans and other observers seem to forget to think about it from the idol's perspective. It happens way too many times, this month alone there have been so many incidents where idols were shunned and received so much hate over things that don't even deserve attention. And it makes me feel so bad for the idols because they go through so much pain and suffering behind scenes as it is, yet all their hard work and efforts are shoved aside and stepped on as a result of one simple decision they made. Idols have the right to their own life and their own decisions, and a true fan would be able to see through all the BS drama created by haters and find a way to support them no matter what. @shjej5835 I see where you're coming from but there's no way for us to determine what the real truth is, and no matter what happens his intentions and decisions should be respected not only as an artist, but as a human. And I really hope exol's will stop giving him such a hard time, it's painful to watch. No hard feelings <3 Tao fighting! Exol fighting ~ <3
Meant to say *sorry Vingle K-pop fam...autocorrect fails me in the worst times T.T
I understand your frustration and dislike. I agree with all of your facts and it does feel like he has betrayed EXO. However I do hope he can gain your support one day. If not that's okay. You have every right to dislike him.
@jannatd93 Well said!!! No one knows the truth except TAO himself and we just need to believe and support him at this trying time! That's what being a good K-popper is all about! :D <3
@poojas True dat <3 <3 ^^
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