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Here is a link to Talk To Me In Korean and their fantastic way of learning Korean through music, more importantly K-Pop! Yay for TTMIK! It is a great way to learn Korean and it is free. Below is an example of what they have in their site. I have also attached the MV for enjoyment.   For example: 하나 - one 부터 - from 열 - ten 까지 - to, until
@ygvip21 I had no idea that this site existed. Thank you for sharing.
No way! @CandanceJordan it's a great way to practice
@ygvip21 I bought a language aid from Barnes and Noble and it's good, but sometimes mundane. So, I am constantly looking for supplemental material that true and engaging. This site is exactly what I am looking for. Let the immersion begin!
yes! @CandanceJordan check out their recorded lesson levels as well!