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GAGGING! This trilogy of bridalwear from Tony Ward is giving me that alcoholic euphoria that you get from an amaretto sour highball.
Silver and gun metal may not be what you'd think of when picking out a gown for wedding season, but I'm sharing these dresses with you to give you something to think about.
I first posted Tony Ward gowns a couple months ago, which you can see by clicking here. And would you believe that I started that card the SAME WAY as I am here?! If you're feeling these gowns, check Tony Ward out further to get your life!
GAGGING! This is a term used when you are so overwhelmed with OMG! GOODNESS and startled by MOUNTAIN-MOVING BEAUTY that you just need a minute to pause because it's making you gag!
GET YOUR LIFE! This is a term used when, after you've been gagging, you get to experience it for yourself. It's that moment of resuscitation from death to life.
Take a look at my GAGGING Collection here. Tell me what you think!
Omg YES. I've been telling my sister for years that I would use this color someday and she swore I'd never find what I want. HAHA. I WIN! :P
Awesome! @butterflyBlu :) With Tony Ward you will ALWAYS WIN!