So, if any of you recall my battle between G Dragon and Jonghyun for my #1 bias card..things have taken a drastic turn. Here's that card if you haven't seen it:
Mark Tuan has stolen my heart. It's held captive and I don't mind at all. I've always liked the confidentish quiet type. He's just so amazing in so many ways. He makes me smile no matter what he's doing. He makes me blush and giggle at things he says. I act like a little schoolgirl. UGH.
I don't know how to explain a single thing. He's just literally the definition of perfection to me. I don't know he just came up past GD and Jonghyun like thay but he's my final decision.
Even though I'd never stand a chance nor even meet him, I know he's my ultimate #1 for forever. FOREVER YOUNG SHAWTY~ Okay I'm getting into babbling now. Just thought I'd share this. ≦(∩ェ∩)≧
Omg ikr hes so perf that if i be comparing to him and GD i be Markk i love him i love all got7 mem but his one of my bias and jackson and bambam haha ughh i cantt w/ them lol
Mork lol!!!