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Okay I'm going to start part 2!!! Here we have MBLAQ! I LOVE MBLAQ! I only own ONE K-Pop CD (cause I'm poor) and it just so happens to be an MBLAQ CD hahaha I really think they deserve a larger fanbase!
A LOT of the MBLAQ songs on my playlist has been marked as "private videos" (those JERKS!) so my selection was pretty limited since I'm gonna have to go back and find them all over again :'( However this is one of my favorite MBLAQ songs (I'm in love with this MV!) so it's all good FOR NOW!
Next we have these hunks! 2PM!! I LOVE 2PM! After this photo, I bet you do too ;-) I almost picked a photo with them looking all spiffy in suits and whatnot, buuuuut.... well... I guess my more perverted side won in the photo bit. FUN FACT about 2PM! Jay Park was the leader of 2PM but he left the group in 2010! Another fun fact, 2PM used to be part of a larger group called One Day, but the group split into two sub groups (I don't know when, around 07, 08?)
Ugghhh I'm having a hard time with the picking only ONE MV for these groups. I almost had to think a while on 2PM, but I went with my the song that got me into 2PM in the first place :-) This was my first 2PM song and it has stayed my favorite ever since, but some other good ones to look up would be Hands Up (the ultimate party song!), Come Back When You Hear This Song, 10 out of 10, Heartbeat, and Go Crazy (one of their newer songs!).
Where 2PM is widely popular, the second sub group 2AM isn't as much. Probably because they are a ballad group? I think they are just as great as 2PM and I love their music. Of course, I do like upbeat music when I'm doing stuff, so I'll be more likely to listen to 2PM than 2AM then. :-)
This is my favorite 2AM song!!! It's really great, but pretty old (remember what I said about most of my videos being old hahaha) also, YOU'RE WELCOME FOR THE FEELS YOU'LL HAVE WATCHING THIS VIDEO!!! :'( :'(
Here we have the group BAP! BAP has a pretty unique sound IMO, which is one reason why I like them so much :-) BAP is another acronym for: Best Absolute Perfect. Lol I'm assuming they have fairly large egos xD hahahahahaha But they ARE very talented, so it's no wonder!
Ughh I had trouble picking an MV again! Here is Power, which is one of my favorite songs.. I couldn't decide between this, Badman, and One Shot.. And Warrior... and Excuse Me... so many good songs!! If you like this one, you should look them all up! :-)
Next we have B1A4! I have no idea what the name means, if it's an acronym or whatnot.. but I do know that, before they debuted, they were introduced (advertised?) via webtoon! However there was some girl in the webtoon as well, so everyone thought B1A4 would be a mixed gender group! Hahahaha
Here is my favorite B1A4 song :-) It's a pretty happy song and the MV is rather funny (at least it is to me hahaha) so that's probably why I like it so much!! Aren't they adorable!!
Okay I was taking a break from adulting, so I gotta go back to doing that hahahahaha sorry @VixenViVi, I'll post more once I'm done (for sure done) lmao! Let me know what you thought of this batch! <3
@princessfranki, this is part two of my K-Pop suggestion list.
@VizenViVi, bahahahaha just doing my part xD <3
@ErinGregory Okay round 3.. also I might die from feels before this is over
@VixenViVi, I think my dream job just changed lmfao!! And RIGHT!!!! He's just too much hahaha <3
@ErinGregory YES he is! is it even legal to be that sexy cause how, I mean really staph
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