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Who's your valentine ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノI got Top !!!! Yasss (just click on the link at the bottom of each and credits to the owners)
What!? Lead vocalist lol I would ruin the group before it even debuted XD
Orange caramel,what did you guys get ?
Visual Visual does not mean you just have a pretty face - it also means you have a magnetic pull that simply grabs attention even if you're just walking by without doing much else. Your sweet demeanor and quiet personality attracts bees like honey, which is why you're always placed in the center of most dance moves and group photos. You're an easily likeable person, which is how you became the face of the group! Luhan - innocent You can't help but be a sucker for the innocent guys, who have no idea what they're doing, which is why you find them so gosh-darn adorable! You just want to hug them and they make you smile a lot because they're so clueless and sweet. That is why your ideal Valentine's date is Luhan! He claims to be a manly man, but everyone sees him as this super cute and sweet guy that doesn't need brawns to make a girl feel safe and happy. POP QUIZ: Which sub-unit do you belong in? Trouble Maker You belong in one of the most provocative and sexy sub-units to ever fire up the K-Pop scene--Cube Entertainment's Trouble Maker! Much like this feisty duo, you like to spice things up in your life and have some fun, even if it offends onlookers. Whatever, it's your life, and you do whatever the hell you want!