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kpop bias struggle
That moment when trying to arrange your bias list and then you find yourself doubting your ultimate bias because all your other biases are working hard to steal your heart.
They act cute and you just cant hold your feels...
They even take your breath away with their sexy moves ,but your ultimate bias remains strong
Ahhhhhhh then your tempted by one of your other bias and its like asdfghjkl i dont know who my ultimate bias is anymore
lol and then there goes your bias list XD lately I'm doubting my ultimate bias /_\thinking about it a bias list is like the hunger games in which your biases are trying hard to beat all the others to win your heart ,ahhh the never ending struggle (credits to the owner of the gifs and hope this made sense )
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Yass lol the thug see have to struggle with @heidichiesa ....Yass he's bae XD @ygvip21....omg yes that happen to me with infinite lol @JonesyonMars@liuser5ever too,it's hard to be loyal at times @liuser5ever
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Omg same
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Lol I do that every time
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I have an ultimate bias Seungri(bigbang) but i consider him more of a husband than a bias. Lol
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this is literally my problem right now 😭
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