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Vingle-ers! Meat-alert! This is one of my favorite dishes from all times--pork belly. It's called 불타는 돼지 (The Pig on Fire..) The restaurant is located in Gireum Station (Line # 4) exit 3. Famous for it's old school deco, hospitality and of course, meat perfection it's definitely a must-go spot if you want to try some old school cooked-meat. It's 9,000W per serving, and the amount per serving will definitely not disappoint you. I have been going to this restaurant for 4 years, now going 5 and you will so too! Shout out to people who like meat! Enjoy!
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i have another hour before lunch and im starving!!! just sooo wrong....smh....lolz...
This looks so divine. Oh, how could you post something so delicious when I'm so hungry? XD Heehee.
yami yami
yum..i wish i can visit korea one day and have a taste of it..
wow!!yum yum yum!!!!