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Ojai Sunrise
Oil on canvas - 11x17" - 2008 - © Jon Patrick Hyde
When I dive into color I go straight-up impressionist. Don't know why. It feels better. I work fast and I am more interested in capturing the feeling of a place and time. Painted on location in an orchid/vineyard in Ojai, California on a beautiful fall morning.
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This is so amazing! It has that really early morning feeling, kind of like all the colors in the world/on the canvas are waking up too in a way? Thank you for sharing!
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This looks good. Here in India, works which have silhouttes... with not any detail... isnt appreciated much.
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@painttowrite that's interesting! I feel like I saw a lot of them growing up so I find them really comforting. Maybe it's kind of an acquired preference?
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