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The subject came up with a friend on here yesterday of embarrassing mistakes and I promised to share some of here are my 2 worst.
Don't say "easy" in any part of you description of a korean woman... I have the policy that before any of my korean friends meet me in person i have to introduce them to my wife on kakao (especially since most are women) and as I was discussing this with someone who is now one of my closest friends, she started to stress... "She's going to hate me because I am a young woman! What if she won't talk and doesn't like me? Then we can't be friends anymore!" I told her to relax, just be herself and my wife would love her, we have the same tase in friends..."besides, you're easy to like." "I'm what? What do you mean? Easy to like?" I explain what i meant and she explains: "Oh! Ok...I was sure you didn't mean what I thought... you can't say 'easy' when talking about a korean are calling her a" I was so embarrassed and appoligised profusely
Don't trust Google translate! Same friend (so thankful she is very understanding) We hadn't hung out for a few weeks and we had made some fun plans... I was trying to use Korean more and decided when she said how much she was looking forward to our planned trip to use google translate to tell her I was excited too so I sent, "나는 흥분 했어" "WHAT?... Why would you say that? You can't say that to me! Only to your wife... Wait... what did you mean?" "Oh my god! What did I say? I used Google to say, I'm excited...about our trip...getting together" "Oh! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ said 'I am excited' but its the wrong kind of excited...just for couples 히히히!" stupid google...
I've made some other oopsies but these are in the top... live and learn...luckilly my friends are patient with me and have been very understanding. How about you all...any fun embarrassing stories? Share below...we may laugh but we may also learn something
@RobertMarsh Makes total sense. I do use it to translate foreign language website text. It does help.
I'm glad your friend is patient and understanding. Thanks for sharing. I was always skeptical about the validity of google translate. You have confirmed my suspicions. lol
@CandaceJordan, I only use it as a reference tool to help me extract what someone else said if I'm not sure or when trying to reminded myself how to say something