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I'm gonna start this card off with Boyfriend :-) Is it a bit difficult to distinguish between two of the members? Well it should be! Boyfriend is the first boy group to have TWINS! So many things to say about this... none of them appropriate.. ;-)
I LOVE this song! Though I like all of Boyfriend's MVs hahaha however the bookcase.. THE BOOKCASE! As a book lover, this bookcase... KILLS ME! NO! It is NOT okay to walk ON BOOKS!! And the books on the shelves above her.. those had to have been glued in.. that's not okay either!! Okay, I'm done with the book rant.
Here we have Infinite. You may have seen a few MVs from them floating around :-)
I honestly didn't know which Infinite song to put on here hahaha but I really like this one and the MV for it, so I ultimately decided on Last Romeo :-)
Next is CNBLUE. CNBLUE stands for Code Name BLUE and they are more of a rock band than they are a pop group, but they are very very good!! You see the guy with the mic? Good looking, right? He's one of the love interests in You're Beautiful (a great drama, you should definitely watch it if you haven't!) along with Lee Hongki from FTisland :-)
I LOVE this song! And the MV is great lol I've never seen people be so happy about having a group of guys walking down the hall, stealin yo shit lmfao
Next we have Winner! They got their name by competing in a reality-survival program called "Who is Next: WIN"; they were known as "Team A." Team A and their adversaries Team B were both formed from trainees within YG Entertainment. The teams competed against each other in order to debut as the first YG boy K-Pop group in eight years, after Big Bang. At the conclusion of the program the title of "WINNER" was given to Team A after they won all three rounds of public voting.
Here, have yourself a ballad! :-) I honestly don't have a favorite Winner MV so I just picked one (I like all of the Winner songs on my list, obviously, so I'm not just choosing a bad one, they're all good!!)
Who can resist a good looking man in a suit?? I definitely can't! Gaahhhhhh *drools* These good looking men make up the group VIXX :-) All of the members participated in Mnet's survival reality show MyDOL and were chosen via an elimination system through viewer votes. The name, VIXX, was also chosen by viewer votes.They are predominantly known as a concept or performance group whose music, lyrics, choreography, and overall stage performances are crafted together to tell a story or concept (so pay attention to their MVs) :-)
I had SUCH A HARD TIME picking just ONE MV!!!! There are so many great songs, it's so hard!! If you like this song, you should also look up Hyde, Error, Voodoo Doll, Super Hero, Rock Ur Body, Girls Why, Eternity.... Yeah, just look up VIXX and listen to EVERYTHING! Lmao!
Meet Nu'est!! Aren't they adorable! The name is an acronym (here, another acronym!) standing for New (hence the "nu") Established Style Tempo!!
I didn't even need to think about which song to post for Nu'est. This is my FAVORITE Nu'est song!! Watch the MV and read the lyrics and you may see why. I LOVE the message this song sends, the song itself is extremely catchy, and the MV.. again with the message, I love it. They have a lot of other great songs, like Action and Sleep Talking :-)
Hmmm something is different about this group from all of the others.. what can it be.. OH! They've got boobs! xD The first girl group I'll show you is Miss A! They are a Korean - Chinese girl group and their name stands for Miss Asia!
Okay, who is the guy who laughs and says JYP introduces... blah blah? It's very familiar! Anyways, I LOVE this song!!! I think everyone (especially us girls) can really relate to this song at least once in their life! Which is why I love it so much!! Don't talk trash about me, especially when it's cause I'm not interested in you. Psh. *hair flip*
Ugghhhhh whhhyyy are there so many sexy Koreans! Anyways, here we have F. Cuz! The group originally debuted as a 4 member group, but then someone left... then they were 3. THEN two more joined up in 2012!
I love this video, I think it's sooo flipping CUTE!!! <3 <3
Do you see the cuteness? DO YOU SEE IT?? This cuteness is titled UNIQ! But don't let their looks deceive you..
Yes, this is that same cute group! Hahahahaha! I love this song! It's so fun! And.. NINJA TURTLES!!!! Aaahhhhh! Who can NOT like a song about the Ninja Turtles??
@VixenViVi, I will end part 3 here!!! Part 4 will have the last 10!!! What do you think of this batch?? Who is your favorite so far? Any of them worthy of obsessing over for you? :-D
@poojas, yes!!! :-) I'm super excited that I've introduced a new group to you hahahaha I love showing people new things and them liking it xD
@VixenViVi Right with ya on that one...most of the time I'm also just a PILE OF FEELS haha and yay @ErinGregory Cant wait to get into this group!
@ErinGregory I don't think I'm a real person anymore, just a pile of feels
@VixenViVi, FANGIRL AWAY!!! I fangirled while MAKING these hahahaha xD
@poojas, I'm not sure if it counts since they are twins :-D Until you start going on personality traits and then good luck hahahahahaha!
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