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So this is something that happened a week ago, and I'm pretty sure many others have already made a post about this, but I have something to say about the whole thing, too.
When I saw this video a week ago, I honestly wasn't all that surprised that this happened. Of course, people have their own interests and everything, and since K-pop is taking the world with such storm, it's not exactly statistically unlikely that someone like Stone would be exposed to it. Besides, like Conan mentioned in the show, Stone is prone to having random obsessions that she picks up and drops like a hot potato. Of course, along with this interview, Emma Stone kinda goes to disprove some K-pop stereotypes such as all groups having, like, 15 people and counting, in which she replies that there are many bands with different amounts of members.
And like the go-getter that he is, David So, from DavidSoComedy, made a vlog about the news, just a few vlogs after he made a video about the atrocity that is Emma Stone playing an Asian girl in the new movie, "Aloha." The vlog was also hilarious, but that's kinda his job. And in his video, he made some great points about the power K-pop has now over the entertainment industry.
All in all, this was kinda new territory for everyone, where someone in the mainstream celebrity world openly and vocally advocated for K-pop groups, such as 2NE1 (whom Stone met when she was doing the Spiderman premiere in Seoul). And of course, because this is a talk show with Conan, the 3 minute interview was full of jokes and over-enthusiastic comments that ended with a short clip of 2NE1's "I am the Best." Hopefully, this was a good opportunity to spread the K-pop love, and add more members to the ever growing K-pop fandom.
And here's the video so you can watch it yourself, and see Emma Stone's famous big eyes get even bigger at the mention of her current obsession, Korean pop music.
Emma stone is love
Dude, this is a great card! Thanks for sharing your opinion :) And I LOVE David So. He is the best!!! XD
@melifluosmelodi Mhm! As long as K-pop gets good publicity, I don't mind things like this! And David So has been my favorite YouTuber after Pewdiepie for a while now. He is so honest and funny lol
That's right! You go Emma stone
Thank you, @poojas !!! that means a lot! and YES. David So IS a pretty hilarious dude. x)
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