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We all have our ships and ideal couples, and it doesn't always happen the way we want it. Here is my top 5 couples that i would LOVE to see!!! leave your ideas in the comments below and see if great minds really do think alike....
My ultimate couple is none other than MinYul!!!! I think they would be the most athletic couple
Khunfanny!!! oh how i loved them..
ok so this is more like number two on my list....I will forever LOVE MONDAY COUPLE
ever since i saw Heirs i just fell for them...Kang Ha Neul and Park Sin Hye
this one is a really tough see when i first heard of the news about Taeyang and Min Hyori i will admit i was devistated because Taeyang is my bias and i honestly thought he would look good with Kim So Eun, but when he revealed that she was his first real girlfriend i was ultimately happy for him...
All of these couples are great and this is the expression everytime i see them together!!!!
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ooh I love monday coupleee