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@RobertMarsh Yes, Big Bang probably has the most creative freedom in the Kpop industry...I mean...TOP was playing with goats in the Sober MV and the teaser for the next release is TOP and GD peeing against a wall. A bit bizarre to non K-poppers but totally normalized for us VIPs lol
@poojas, they outgrew the power of their label and the label had no choice but to give them full artistic liberty if they wanted to keep them so all they can do now is have faith, hang on, shut up and enjoy the ride
@RobertMarsh Right on! As it's been said, Big Bang made YG what it is today, not the other way around! #VIPforLife
hmm catchy.. i likey
I like the song, but I feel they could have done the video in a way that was more clear to the message they wanted to send. Great song though!