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K-Pop group suggestions part 4 (END!)
I'm starting off the final card with JJCC! They were formed under the management of Jackie Chan Group Korea! LOL you read that right! Jackie Chan! They are the first K-Pop group to be formed by Jackie Chan! (I wonder if that means there are more!)
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There were so many good JJCC MVs but I really like this song :-) Probably cause of the "Bing bing bing" hahaha I think it's fun <3
No, your eyes are not deceiving you, there is only one person here... This isn't going to be a group, this is a solo artist known as Mad Clown! I like him too much to not include him!!
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I LOVE this song!! It's my favorite Mad Clown song!! But, uh.. if you find yourself in a relationship similar to this.. you might wanna get on out of it hahaahahaha!!! I love this video, it always makes me smile lol
Here we have another girl group!! A small girl group lol it's just the two of them! And they are pretty young, yeah, but they have powerful voices! I don't know much about them, from what I can see they only have one song out?
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And here is that one song hahahaha I feel like this would be ALL OF US if we saw one of our idols... Lmfao hahahaha I love this song, it's fun and the MV is fun too, watch it all the way to the end, it's great! (The ending that is hahaha) Also, I LOVE Bobby's voice!
Yes, another girl group! LOL I don't know very many girl groups so don't expect this to last much longer hahahaha! Here we have AOA!! AOA is an acronym (hahaha) for Ace of Angels! Well they could look like angels, but they're just too sexy for that xD
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Miniskirt is a really popular AOA song, but I really like this one, Like A Cat! It's fun and the MV is great hahahaha never underestimate us women ;-)
Here we have 2ne1!! What can I say about them other than.. aaahhhhh! I LOVE 2ne1 hahahaha they are my favorite girl group for sure! If you didn't know, they have a song out that they made with BIGBANG called Lollipop and, from what I've seen, they have another song where BIGBANG are male dancers.. *drool* the two groups do go together really well, so it's no wonder! The styles are very similar!
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This is my FAVORITE 2ne1 song! I posted it a while ago in a card full of MVs that were empowering for women lol I love this song. You should look up their songs: Lollipop, Come Back Home, Falling in Love, and Do You Love Me :-) They're great!
Here we have Madtown (not to be confused with Mad Clown) lmao I'm sorry, I couldn't help it.. I'm sorry xD xD This group debuted LAST YEAR! So they are fairly new :-) But they are really good!!
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Give them a chance, they're really good :-) I really like the lyrics in this song, I LOVE when songs are good and they have lyrics with a good message! They remind me a bit of BTS in that stance hahaha Their song YOLO is good too, and I'm not even a huge fan of that phrase hahaha
THIS group of good looking (too freaking handsome, holy crap!) guys are in a group called Cross Gene. I was just introduced to them not long ago by someone else on Vingle hahaha but they're really good and not very well known!
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This song.. THIS FUCKING SONG! I don't even know where to start lmfao it starts off kind of like a movie, so if you don't like that please give it a chance and WATCH! Trust me hahahaha I about died laughing when I had first seen this!! There are SO MANY good songs by Cross Gene, if you like this you should definitely look them up!!
:-D Remember when I said Jay Park used to be the leader of 2PM? Hahahaha well to keep the same theme, here is a shirtless Jay Park!!! He is another solo artist, I'm sure you've heard of him, but just in case you haven't I decided to add him!
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I'm not sure what it is but I love the MVs that make me laugh!! When I had found this MV like.. last week? My girl friend was in NY on a vacation so I sent her this hahahaha she's not a K-Pop friend so she wasn't as amused as I was by it xD
Yes, another solo artist hahahaha here we have Tablo! Well, kind of solo ;-) He is the leader and rapper for Epic High! But the song I'm gonna post isn't an Epic High song, it's a Tablo song, soooo... he has a few I like, and they seem to always involve Taeyang (yes, from BIGBANG!) He sings an English version of Eyes Nose Lips (really good, but not AS GOOD as the original of course).
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You may have seen this MV floating around Vingle. It's a great one! I love it. The MV would have probably made me piss myself though if I was in it. I'm not sure how these two are able to walk around looking this sexy and NOT TERRIFIED when there's a helicopter flying maybe two feet about their freaking heads and two cars speeding past them in fucking circles so close they could reach out and TOUCH THEM. xD Brave bastards. <3
This beautiful chick is Lee Hyori! Another solo artist!! She is dubbed the "Queen of K-Pop", can you believe it? She deserves it too! :-)
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I LOVE this song! This was also on my card for the MVs being empowering for women!! <3 You can totally see why when you watch it! She is AWESOME! @VixenViVi, I can't add anymore cards!!!! Aw :-( hahahaha what do you think of part 4? :-)
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