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GOT7's Childhood Pics

GOT7's childhood pics are here! As expected, the guys are adorable. The full article is here (link located at the bottom), but before you see it, lets play a little game. Guess who is who. Good luck!
Cutie 1
Cutie 2
Cutie 3
Cutie 4
Cutie 5
Cutie 6
Cutie 7
Check the article to see how well you did. :D http://m.star.naver.com/got7/news/end?id=5655323&langCode=ko
his sooo chunky!!!!!
@FabiolaGavina haha Jackson was obvious cause of that stance! He has been sassy since he was a tiny one. :)
They are so cute!
My sister and I guessed them all correctly, though chunky baby threw us off! So cute.
@baileykayleen If people did not guess JB for Cutie 7 I would have been greatly disappointed. And Jackson totally gave it away with his lips. lol :)
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