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Ha-ha that's funny
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Lol mines dope by BTS @SaraHanna
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That's a good song too. @ilovebtsjl
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I will keep this in mind... Though I showed my friend a few EXO music videos/songs. And I'm not talking about Peter Pan and Christmas Day. I'm talking about Wolf, Growl, and Overdose. But she still liked it. (She's not a kpop fan yet...) So I think you also have to take in consideration the person's personality and open-mindedness to new things also play a role in this. Certain songs give off certain vibes, just like people. When two vibes interact with each other they either clash or start to blend.
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that's so true depends on the personality of the person and the vibe @KDramaKPop1015
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this tru
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