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I know a lot of you (me included) can't help but sing GET YO CRAYON! every time we see crayons... people at Wal-Mart must hate me lmfao but there's also.. does anyone here watch ERB?? Epic Rap Battles of History? If you don't, you should. But the new one! Oh what was it called... Ah it was Shaka Zulu vs. Julius Caesar! There's one part where Julius goes: BOOM SHAKALAKA! And I for real sat there like, WOW FANTASTIC BABY! DANCE, WOOHOO! I WANNA DANCE DANCE DANCE DA-DANCE! FML. What has K-Pop DONE TO ME!! Lmfao
Though it's not just K-Pop. Just now I was looking through my friends photos on FB (he just added photos of a sunset in Japan) and I looked at one and was like.... no.. I won't... I....THE CIRCLE OF LIIIIFFFFEEEE! AND IT MOVES US AAALLLLLLL!! FML. Lmfao!
Here is the ERB I mentioned. Am I the only one who got that? Is Nice Peter actually a K-Pop fan?? He's gotta be. I'm running with this now. NICE PETER AND MAYBE EVEN EPIC LOYD ARE K-POPPERS!
@ErinGregory they don't get mad enough to stop being friends with me I just annoy them lol
ErinGregory one of my friends hates me for do that all the time
as I was reading this the song popped in my head and its Stuck now thanks
@amandamuska, bahahaha really! No one I talk to had expressed displeasure when I do it, but then they have no choice cause I'm not gonna stop hahaha
@amandamuska, bahahaha I'm sharing my pain lmao you're welcome!! xD