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I meant to do this a while ago, but I guess not. Better late than never!! It was @poojas who reminded me to do it, so thank you!! P.S. That ENJOY is the extent of my artistic capabilities. +10 imaginary brownie points if you can understand every mathematics reference in that word. :P
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@TMinusEleven I was a bio major for 2 years! I feel your struggle....orgo, genetics, biochem, microbio...been there, done that LOL. And BAHAHAHAHA can I major in Chen? That sounds awesome lol
@poojas I have an emphasis on Micro/Immuno. Das my lief. And Ikr, I could totally major in Chen.
@TMinusEleven Nice. Immuno is interesting. It's all good as long as you enjoy it! :D
I do enjoy it!! Anyway. Imma stop spamming this photo haha.
@TMinusEleven Lol no worries. I've digressed to the weirdest topics in Kpop cards. This ain't too bad hahaha