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Infinity Challenge and Running Man deserve major credit for the array of guests featured on both shows. In an attempt to learn more about many of the guests of both programs, I have discovered great rabbitholes that have led me to new sights and sounds. Many of the performance acts, actors/actresses, dramas, and movies that are now amongst my favorites were found this way. Hyukoh is no exception. I knew nothing of this band before their appearance on Infinity Challenge. I was wonderfully taken aback by the lead singer's vocal ability. He and the entire band are able to comfortably and earnestly perform across the spectrum of music genres. They are amongst the poster children of fusion and eclecticism. Everything about Hyukoh conveys an honest, heartfelt sensitivity that prevades the senses. In essence...they jam - to infinity, beyond, and back - they groove. Their vibe is real and worth getting into. I look forward to their collaboration with I.C. member, Jeong Hyeong-Don, for the I.C. Festival! I know whatever they come up with will be ear worthy.
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Inifnity Challenge always does a great job letting people about these amazing bands and singers that we never knew about and I'm sure they'll do great with digging this precious hyukoh band out and make them into diamond!