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Recently, I've been facing some of those fun little rough patches life throws at all of us. These times are meant to make us stronger and smarter, but that doesn't mean that getting through these times are any easier.
I've put together a playlist that's become dear to my heart over the last couple of weeks. These songs speak the words that are hard for me to say myself.
《 "너업시 어떻게..." - 김주나 - High Society 》 "As I think about our times together that seemed too good to be true I am shedding tears because that’s the only way to find you If you were going to hurt me, why did you come in the first place? I have a feeling you won’t ever come back But I want to see you a little more"
《 "If You" - BigBang 》 "Will I feel better if I meet someone? I remember the old times. I remember you."
《 "사랑했나봐" - 윤도현 》 "I can’t seem to erase you from my mind. I can’t bear it, you enter my thoughts all the time. I must be regretting it… I must be waiting for you"
《 "잘해준것밖엔 없는데" - Bebe Mignon 》 "And, you and I, why did we meet? Did I look that easy? You don't want me to have you, and you don't want me...You turned out to be such a person. To say that there was no love, to say you don't want me...Why am I being the good one, who is going to do better?"
《 "단 하루" - 린 - Mask OST 》 "Not a single trace of light in the darkness Cruel looks headed toward me It’s over, it has withered, I tell myself Where did I go? I’m in a place where I don’t even know Hidden, dropped off"
《 "가을 끝" - 왁스 》 " He, who has already left me, I will forget him. By today, no tomorrow, I would have forgotten him, I don't even want to believe, You said it'll get better, The lie that you told me about, How will it get better? (It's all a lie)"
《 "지우고 싶다" - 4Men 》 "I want to erase it Because it hurts every time I think of you I can’t live a single day properly Because my heart will only want you till I die Only you"
《 "흔적" - 전설 》 "We were so beautiful The memories fall down like snow I won’t erase the traces of you that are left in my heart I won’t erase you who’s filling up my mind again"
《 "겁이 나" - Lily M - Orange Marmalade OST 》 "I’m so afraid of you I want to erase you, who made me like this I’m so afraid of you Who are you to make me cry? Please go"
《 "못해" - 4Men 》 "I can’t even bear to die, because you may come back to me, I can’t do anything, (but) maybe one day you’ll find me, today and tomorrow, too, I only want you."
《 "비별" - 전민주&유나김 ft. 현규 (Bromance) 》 "I’m lost without you It feels like a lie Will you at least give me an excuse? So I can resent you? I’m lost without you When morning comes In case you come back to me I’m such a fool"
Grief, loss, longing, betrayal, and heartbreak are all part of the human experience, and I think that we lose sight of that sometimes. I think it's easy to get lost in our own despair and forget that we're not alone in this. We're not the only ones that suffer through these tragic occurrences. Even though these songs are so heartbreakingly sad, I am comforted by them. They are proof that I am not alone. I am not the only one that has suffered. The mere existence of these songs prove that grief, loss, longing, betrayal, and heartbreak affect us all. With these songs, I find strength. Sure, things might be difficult right now, but eventually it will be better ♡
Thank you for taking the time to read about my lyrical comfort ♡ Do you turn to music to help you find meaning in those instances that you can't always make sense of? If so, which songs have helped you heal the most?
such a good playlist. 사랑했나봐 is such a good song
@shjej5835 thank you ♡ and I know~ It's definitely one of my all time favorite songs.
wow did I really just write "such a good" twice
I hope you get through this patch soon. Stay strong and stay healthy. Hwighting.
Awesome list! I love most of these songs but a couple of them I haven't heard before~ Thanks for posting! <3