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Girls with long hair can relate...

Brushing the mane is nothing but pain.

Your hair always find its way into your food.

The culprit of your flooded shower is probably due to clogged hair.

Sometimes you mistaken a ball of hair as a giant spider and starts screaming at it.

When you try to run your fingers through your hair it gets caught in a knot.

But even with all that, you love your long hair and CAN'T let it go.

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yup yup the struggle. It was so difficult to cut my hair. I think it was more of a trim because I didn't let them take off more than 5 inches. a few months hair grew back so quickly.
This is true XD I probably can't compete with most women, but my hair is to my shoulder blades and it's perfectly straight and so thick that it takes around 1-1.5 hours for it to dry... After completely soaking my towel when I use it to try and dry it. My shower drain needs to be emptied every two or so days. When I wake up, or after I drive with my truck windows down, I have to spend about 20 minutes brushing it out in order to achieve my silky fullness! A spray or two of argan oil does wonders and it smells amazing! ^.^
so true hate my hair
hence why I cut it allllll off 馃榾
My hair is long,curly and frizzy.its like a dead cat.