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Girls with long hair can relate...

Brushing the mane is nothing but pain.

Your hair always find its way into your food.

The culprit of your flooded shower is probably due to clogged hair.

Sometimes you mistaken a ball of hair as a giant spider and starts screaming at it.

When you try to run your fingers through your hair it gets caught in a knot.

But even with all that, you love your long hair and CAN'T let it go.

Omg, the long hair struggle is real. I relate to these comics so much. It's even worse when your hair is long AND curly. It's like a whole new beast lol.
i joke that anyone who gets in a relationship with me can't be a hair phobe! i shed as much as my dog so between us we live in a den of hair. i gave up trying to keep up with it all over everything. it's just post if the decor! lol d
its true all true... I recently just cut my hair and I miss it so much at least its growing fast
@mooshiebay @danidee yes! mine is curly too! the whole running your fingers through and snagging on a knot! lol!
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