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How To Make The Stupid Edits I Make
So there isn't really much to go through when it comes to making the edits I make. Like i mean the hardest thing is making the cut outs and thats the MAIN thing to these really weird yet cool edits.
so I guess I should go over how I make my renders (and I guess how to stay calm also)
So the app I use is called Background Eraser and its really easy to use. There really isnt anything really special to it.
I mean it can get REALLY FRUSTRATING when you CANT get it PERFECT like around hair and hands. So I recommend you listen to slow songs like some songs by SuJu or something like that.
So next you gotta put the cut out on a back ground. I always use a galxy background C: cuz why not
I use photo grid for that biz C: its really eazy and fun
So thats it. Like its not hard at all...Its fun lets say that. But if you get mad easily then dont do it.
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cool, Thank you for sharing
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