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So the first 2NE1 song I heard was "I Love You" and it was on repeat for a few weeks, then Bigbang started having their amazing comeback and I kinda forgot about 2NE1, until today.. I listened to "Ugly" "Lonely" "Come Back Home" "It Hurts" "Missing You" and "Go Away" Just omg, I can see why they are called the queens of Kpop, they are so powerful from their voices to their M/V's. They don't follow the typical girly girl Kpop girl groups (One of the reasons why I don't listen to any girl groups) They manage to look sexy and badass at the same time, I think my bias would have to be either Minzy or Dara because they are just too dang cute! But anyways, now I can't wait for their comeback, Fighting 2NE1!! <3
I can't believe all this time I haven't listened to them!! My favorite song is probably "Lonely" and "Missing You" ^^ @ErinGregory
I love 2ne1!! They are my favorite girl group lol I love their song I Am The Best <3 hahahaha
@DannyNeders, don't worry I did the same thing hahaha! My only K-Pop friend had me listen to them and I was immediately hooked and in love lol!
I'm so glad they are finally starting their comeback! 2NE1 HWIGHTING!
my girls! ♡