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i missed this drama that's why i rewatched ep 20 again...^^
@2nell... i love i miss you and yeah they do have this kind of scene.. thinking of that drama ending makes me sad.. it became my no. 1 fave of all time.. with all those tears that i shed for this drama.. i'm hoping for their happy ending.. crossed my fingers...^^ @neaa... yeah, i miss this drama too... hey neaa.. you might not get to watch i miss you , you said you won't watch it if it has a sad ending...coz if we base it on yoochun's interview, he already said that a sad ending is appropriate for this drama for the audience... waaaaahhhh... he should have asked me....i don't want a sad ending... you know me... =(
i miss him so so much!
do you watch i miss you too?they have similar scenes of zoey and harry & su yeon and jung woo! :)