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So.. Who was the first group to make your heart race and got you obsessed with Kpop? When I was young, I listened to bands like 1TYM, Chakra, Fin.K.L, H.O.T, GOD, Sechs Kies, S.E.S, and Shinhwa. I only listened to it because it was just playing there and I'm too young and short to change it to something else (plus my grandma liked it). Even though I listened to those 1st generation groups, what really blew my mind and sucked me in were groups like Big Bang, Super Junior, 2ne1, FT ISLAND, SNSD, and others. I didn't only listened to groups when I was young, I listened to a lot of ballads and trots because my family really enjoys music. But then Kpop got super popular and I got kinda curious on people's first ever Kpop group. So if you guys have time, feel free answer some of these questions down below. (or if you have any questions, comment them down below). Questions • Who was the first group you listened to? • What song sucked you into Kpop? • Who is your ultimate group? • When did you first start listening to kpop? • If you can have a ... <insert scenes> (for ex. sleepover, lunch, concert, and etc) with any groups, who would it be? • Who are your current obsessions right now? ⊂((・▽・))⊃ Thank you guys so so much for reading!
1: 2NE1 2: 3,6,5 by exo 3: 2NE1 4: About a month 5: 2NE1 because I love Minzy and they are the mist badass KPop ggroup in my eyes 6: Minzy(2NE1), Park Bom(2NE1), Onew(SHINee), Hyuna(4Minute)
Super junior without knowing it was kpop, and n-sonic when i did know
DAMNNNN THOSE FIRST GEN GROUPS 👏👏👏👏 IM GLAD PEOPLE KNOW THEM 1) big bang has a ton of hits and my friends like 2ne1 and ofc snsd was a hit then so those were songs I heard often 2) FICTION BY BEAST beast slayed me 3) beast forever and ever and everrrrr 4) I've always been exposed to kpop but I started actually following kpop about two years ago!! 5) could I spend a whole day touring Korea with beast???? why? 1) it's a whole day 2) they could also sing me songs whenever 3) it'd be awesome just to hang and they would probably also want a fun day off 4) it'd just be awesome to stand with them omg 6) Junhyung is my ultimate bias but other than beast hmmm yoo seung woo, Day6, and HyunA
TVXQ. Mirotic sucked me in
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