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What makes Kpop so great is that it is influenced by so many other music genres. It's not just American pop and hip hop that feeds into it, it's German house music, Britpop, and even reggae!

Check below to see my four favorite examples of reggae in Kpop and let me know which other tracks I should be paying attention to :)

Don't Be Shy - Primary

This song actually came out recently and was the inspiration for this card! I love the traditional reggae beat. ChoA nailed the verses and totally kept the feeling alive through the whole song. If you're only going to listen to one song on this list, this is it!

Falling in Love - 2NE1

From the very first beat you can tell that this summer hit (honestly one of my favorite 2NE1 tracks) is heavily influenced by reggae. Even the fashion takes a turn towards Rastafarian - check out the color of Dara's nails!

R.O.D - G Dragon

This beat is so fantastically reggae but with the weird added bonus of GD's hip hop and dance style laid on top of it. Plus CL or Lydia are amazing collaborators!


Skull is the performer that actively pursues reggae music and goes so far as to sport dreadlocks!
According to his profile: He spiritually driven and strives to live as a true Rastafarian and he was influenced the most by music of Bob Marley.
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skull + haha combo is a great example